About Us
Dentistry is as old as man kind, we can find many examples from the old times such as it was only restricted to barbers back in 1526. Dentistry and beyond is one of the best dental clinic that Islamabad has to offer.Oral hygiene is top priority to make our services valuable for our customers. We provide different services in affordable prices. It is in our best interest to provide our patients with comfortable environment where they are able to get their dental problems fixed in friendly and professional way. Our Dentists are trained to analyze the problem, prevent, and treat various problems associated withmouth related issues.
Our services include dental implant which focuses on the replacement of missing teeth. Another service is Fixed teeth (Crown/Bridge) work is also known as dental cap is a process of stoping cavity from further harming the health of tooth and gums. We use dental cement teeth because they offer better natural color match to real teeth than any other crown.Cement crown are built up layer by layer by the best dentist in Islamabad.
We provide veneers to enhance the appearance of our patients it is a porcelain layer placed over tooth. They improve smile and this treatment is best for people with stained teeth.
Our Laser teeth whitening flourishesyour smile and brighten your teeth that have been yellowish and dirty for a long time so you should go for this treatment to boost up your confidence and selfesteem. After getting this treatment your teeth will be overall healthy.
Our trained doctors at the dentistry provide you with best scaling and polishing service for performing this service we use sterilized equipments to remove tartar and plaque from the teethto save them from any gum disease or bad breath problems etc. Scaling stage is done to remove hard plaque and tartar from the teeth which are not possible to remove by brushing your teeth so must visit and avail our services at one of the best dentistin Islamabad. Taking regular scaling and polishing treatment will help you maintain healthy smile.
Cosmetic fillings are mostly performed to treat damaged or decayed tooth. The filling that is widely used is silver amalgam. Also, there is another filling which comes in composite white color filling is available. Theses fillings are performed by our expert dentist bydrilling small hole and filling it with required filling.These filling can last for more than 10 years
We perform Root canal to treat and eliminate infection in our patients tooth and we remove the pulp that is affected by the infection after the bacteria is removed the root canal is filled and sealed.
Another service we provide is fixed invisible braces which are used to reshape the uneven teeth. We use braces to align the uneven teeth and help position them.
Dentures are the widely used service in the world. We provide this service to make sure our patients are happy with this supporting structure. Dentures are the artificial teeth also known as false teeth used to cover the missing teeth. They are made up of gum colored plastic resin.
Dental surgeries include extraction of problematic teeth or wisdom tooth. We perform these surgeries on diseased, unnecessary extra teeth or problematic painful teeth such as wisdom tooth. They are removed by cutting them or pulling them off completely before performing this treatment anesthesia is injected in patients gum to save them from pain. These services are available at your best dentist Islamabad avail these services as soon as possible if you are familiar with any of these problems we would like to treat in the best way possible